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About The Treasure

The Treasure @ Taman Herba Gopeng is more than just a herbs park. Located in Gopeng, Perak, it offers an escape to its visitors, with many nature attractions and activities. 

Taman Herba Perak was first opened to the public in June 2009, and has been one of the attractions for ecotourism in Perak, attracting nature lovers and botanical enthusiasts from Perak and all over Malaysia. True to its former and new name, the 22-hectare park is home to more than 500 species of Malaysian herbs sprawled over in eight herbs gardens and a nursery. There are five beautiful herb gardens each categorised according to their  variety — heritage herbs, medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs, ulam/salad herbs and cosmetic herbs.

The recent rebranding of Taman Herba Negeri Perak to The Treasure @ Taman Herba Gopeng marks its entrance into a new era with focus on creating sustainable, long-lasting impacts on three key areas: education, community development and environment. The Treasure speaks for itself: The environment is Mother Nature’s treasures, and the experiences shared here are to be treasured by all. 

The revitalisation of the park involves three phases of upgrades and improvements. In the current Phase 1, The Treasure aims to be a unique ecotourism destination in Perak that provides various recreational as well as learning activities to enhance the socioeconomic wellbeing of the local community in Gopeng.

To be fully reopened on a planned date in 2021, The Treasure embraces the spirit of communal living, connecting the entire neighbourhood surrounding it through opportunities for education, entrepreneurship, recreation and tourism. In achieving this, The Treasure forges collaborations and partnerships with various organisations and entities to embark on CSR programmes that will be beneficial to the community, especially women entrepreneurs, smallholders, and school leavers.

Come and join us for unforgettable adventures at The Treasure. There will be more plans in the future for everyone to enjoy the treasures of nature, to relax and to learn. After all, learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

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