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Exceeding Your Expectations

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Forget the stresses of the city and come to The Treasure for an array of outdoor recreational and educational activities for the whole family. Cengkerik Eco Park at The Treasure offers various exciting outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy. There is something for everyone.

Cengkerik Eco Park Attractions:

  • ATV Adventure

  • Eco Playground

  • Petting Zoo

  • Horse Riding

ATV Adventure

Rev up our ATVs for an adventure of off-roading in the park while stopping by at designated pit stops to explore the beauty of The Treasure’s flora and fauna, particularly our prime herbs gardens. Riders will need to pass several challenging obstacles and surprising tracks to quench their need for an outdoor adventure. Two park rangers will accompany you, and only a maximum of four persons per ride is allowed for each session. Book your session today!

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Eco Playground

Let the little ones step away from the screen and into the sunshine. Enjoy the outdoors at our Eco Playground. There are various types of play fixtures and obstacles to challenge them, such as slides, hanging bridges, sliding poles, wooden steps, rope ladders, an observation tower, trampoline ropes, etc. and many more.

Petting Zoo

Your children may be used to interacting and petting the family cat, but they may not have had the opportunity to interact with animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas or even snakes. Our Petting Zoo houses several tame animals which are released freely (and safely). 

An animal ranger will always be available on-site to monitor the activities closely and ensure the safety of the children!

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Horse Riding

Take a guided tour on horseback around The Treasure and get mesmerised by the scenic landscapes of the 22-hectare park! The Horse-Riding service will be available soon at The Treasure, so make sure to watch this space for further updates.

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